Bela - the person

Bela Shende, an exuberant, young and versatile singer,was born in a musically rich family in Pune. She is blessed to have her grandmother Smt. Kusum Shende and her father Dr. Sanjeev Shende as her Gurus. Her elder sister Sawani,a renowned Hindustani classical vocalist is also her Guru and her best friend and guide.Bela came into lime- light when she won the National Award for the TVS- Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Mega Final, the most recognised and respected musical programme in India, at a young age of 16. She was praised whole heartedly by the panel of judges comprising of legends of Indian Music for her pristine and soulful voice.

The charming,glamorous personality of Bela adds to her crystal clear magical voice and Bela easily walks her way into the hearts of millions of listeners across the world! She is undoubtedly a showstealer. Her excellent voice is a gift of God and her perseverance and devotion to music is remarkable. Her remarkable voice texture and rendition has crossed Maharashtrian borders and Bela is a most saught after vocalist in South Indian Film Industry as well. Despite all this glitter and glamour,the way Bela preserves her simplicity, has always been the talk of the society.Thats only due to the simple and musically strict culture imbibed within her at her home right from her childhood. Bela is a very warm and family loving person.

Like her family tradition Bela excels in academics too. She is a commerce graduate with excellent academic records.. Her source of inspiration is her mother, and no wonder she has dedicated the most haunting Bhajan ‘Mann Mohana’ from Jodha Akbar to her mother.